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Abrams-Paz Painting, LLC. can change the interior of your home completely transforming into a lighted and lively area. Provide nice backgrounds for decorative pieces. It is difficult to choose the right palette, let our consultants with more than 12 years of experience help you find the right color to have the right effect.

Committed to quality:

We will use any brand of paint upon request. Our painters are experienced and well trained they begin to work when the surfaces are ready to be painted and give the painting work of the highest possible quality.


The exterior of your house receives a lot of damage caused by its very nature, a new coat of paint can give your each a new look and life, choosing the colors are very important, leave that in the hands of professionals, there is a wider range of Outdoor surfaces that we can consider to choose the right color and your budget will be a point that we will take in our practice.

We apply a general cleaning to have a workplace without mold or other material that is on the walls. We will use any brand of paint you want, we will leave a high quality job using products and materials such as brush, sprinklers to ensure those edges completely.

Let’s Work Together
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